Friday, March 14, 2008

Preston, Karen, Lori (Craig's sister) and Craig Scott in their dining room in Edmondton, AB. We're looking at the pictures in Craig's African trip album.

Kokopelli by a large dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

These were some very friendly waitresses in a place we ate in Whistler, BC, on the way to the Rally in the Canadian Rockies.

Nathan, my grandson, on Butch Cook's record breaking drag bike

Pat, Karen and Preston on an evening coffee ride out to Cape Arago. This is about a mile from Captain John's motel, and you can always see and hear the Sea Lions from this spot.

The "old" Wiliedog at Coopers BBQ.

EZ and Cat

Tomcat and Mouse

Margo and Hotsauce

Wiliedog and Steve Lacewell

Slots, Pat and Sherm, in front of Shamus O'Mansky's

Six Pack Jack and Karen in some serious conversation! Both of them will hate this picture, but I think it's funny

Kelly (Thrillseeker), Katie (Mrs. Slots), Krazbarb, and a waiter...Reno, Nevada, in one of the dining rooms at Slot's place.

My friend Fly, a real 'two fisted' drinker.

Pat, Slots, Linda and Howard (nitelite). This was in Fitzgearlds Casino, while Slots still owned it.

Cargo with without a bike on his last visit to Oregon, so he had to swallow his pride and ride the Helix He looks pretty good on there! He passed the whole group going in excess of 70 mph, with a huge grin on his face..I think he had a good time. LOL

Cat must have said something to really crack up Nitelite!

Cargo is grazing his way through Cranberry Sweets. I imagine a lot of you will be doing this exact same thing in July 08

Craig Scott said he'd never had grits before, so I cooked his breakfast. I think it was a good hustle, , but it worked for him! And we sure had fun visiting.

Chunk, ol' Blue Eyes, the Gold Miner!

Skid, Charlie, Sandy, Lynn and Kathy (Agent 99)

Deb and Brillo

Blondy and Bama

Big Al

Beverly, Barb and Sandy

Beth, Big Dave and Steve Lacewell

Barb said these little cowboy boots were just Jack's size!

Auggie. He had been taking lessons from Skid and how to keep his bike polished up nice.

Krazbob, Slots, Karen, Sherm,Barb and Howard (Jazz)
Barb noticed that Sherm has no butt...So, she's checking to see if her's is still there. It was.

Scorpion~, Barb, and Denise.

Nitelite, Marles, Barb and Slots

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