Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rick "Wolfman" and Patsy. Taken at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Maybe 2002.
R.I.P. VROC #3

Wiredgeorge! The carburator man. Taking a break at Coopers BBQ

Thomas (Wiliedog) as his old former self! Ordering food off the grill at Cooper's BBQ in Llano, Texas.

Del (Viper) and Wiliedog. On the porch at the Iron Horse in Eureka Springs.

A Bike Night gathering up in Washington State, I think it was before one of Scorpion~'s Goat Rope Tours.

Tony D. and Teresa. I think this is in Jerome, but then again maybe it isn't. Somewhere up around there anyway.

Pat is either praising or telling Ghost how large it is.

TC and 4E in the old mining town of Bodie.

Skid in Harry's Bar. He was making friends with this Armadillo and whatever that other animal is.

Skid and Sandra were relaxing after hearing all the Ghost stories in the Crescent Hotel.

Roxy on one of the SCP Hardtails that was built in the shop.

RedDog, Cat, Slots, and Roxy

Rick "Prowler" conducting the memorial service on a foggy morning in the Ozarks.

Piper is resting beside my old BUBF. He was overcome by the Texas bluebonnets, and had to take some close ups...Hmmm, this reminds me of another picture I should have had in here of a certain gentleman from Louisiana, but it wasn't on this disk.....

Papa Cats and Siva Dawn "Warrior Woman"

Leasa "Flygirl" in one of California's Drive thru trees.

Jim Siegelaar. He make a fast ride down from BC to hang out in Nevada!

Jest, Marles, Sherm, Scorpion, Krazbob, Barb and Jack Foree, Utemike, Roxy, and Kelly (Shoeless) . I think this was either 2001 or 2002.

Jerry "Pop Pop" , UteMike, and Mark "Browntrout". The little trailer got a lot of use on that trip .

Papa Cats and Siva Dawn, visiting with Toa. R.I.P. Papa Cats.

Fred and Mo were on their way back from Alaska, and had stopped off here in Eureka Springs. R.I.P. Fred!

Foggy and Sherm. Not a good picture of either of us, but it's a keeper! RIP Foggy.

Steve Lacewell, Butch Cook, and Guy Mobbley. This was the first trip SCP took to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and where they set their first record. Guy and Butch, and AMA Pro-rider, have gone on to set several other Land Speed Records.

Tony D. Someone needs to teach him how to eat corn on the cob!

Mark and Mrs. Browntrout

Bucky says Yum, Yum!

This is an Epibunny!

Didsbury Dave busy at the grill. He really put on a feed!

Krazbarb and Krazbob Huntley...Enjoying Canada

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